Author: TIMES

Two Genes Regulate Social Dominance

Rank in social hierarchy is a condition not solely claimed by humans. Beau Alward, assistant professor of psychology with a joint appointment in biology and biochemistry, used the Nobel Prize winning method of gene editing to discover that two paralogous androgen receptor genes control social status in African cichlid fish.

Insufficient Sleep Harms Children’s Mental Health

In a new study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Candice Alfano, University of Houston professor of psychology and director of the Sleep and Anxiety Center of Houston, reports the results from an innovative, experimental study...

Scholar Plot: Measuring Faculty Academic Performance

University of Houston computer science professor Ioannis Pavlidis’ Computational Physiology Lab led the creation of a user-friendly, online interface to evaluate aspects of faculty research performance. The interface, named Scholar Plot, has garnered the...