Welcome New TIMES Faculty Members

In recent years, TIMES has grown exponentially, both in terms of space and the scope of research conducted at the Center. In addition, TIMES has welcomed several faculty members from across the University of Houston Campus as members. Please take a moment to get to know them. 


Candice Alfano, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Director of the Sleep and Anxiety Center for Kids

Research Interests: Etiology, risk and treatment of childhood anxiety disorders, Sleep-wake

processes and the development of emotion dysregulation, Underlying mechanisms of

effective behavioral interventions.



Julia Benoit, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Statistical methodology for longitudinal studies with a possibly misclassified categorical

outcome measured unevenly over time, Identifying stages of severity of neurological disorders, measuring disease progression,

and obtaining more information regarding the sensitivity and specificity of neuropsychological variables.



H. Julia Hannay, Ph.D.

John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Clinical Psychology

Research interests: Traumatic brain injury, neurodevelopmental disorders, neuropsychological

assessment, rehabilitation, animal models.



Lennart Johnsson, Ph.D.

Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics

and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Director of the Advanced Computing Research Laboratory

Research Interests: Computational and data Grids, high-performance scientific computation, parallel

algorithms, adaptive, Grid-aware, high-performance software and tools for creation thereof, middleware

for Grids and parallel computers, especially communications related middleware, performance

modelling, and problem solving environments.



Ioannis Kakadiaris, Ph.D.

Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science,

Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering

Director of the Computational Biomedicine Laboratory

Research Interests: Cardiovascular informatics, biomedical image analysis, biometrics, computer

vision, and pattern recognition.



Ioannis Pavlidis, Ph.D.

Eckhard Pfeiffer Professor

Director of the Computational Physiology Laboratory

Research interests: Computational biomedicine, biometrics, computer vision, pattern recognition,

software engineering



Ioanna Semendeferi, Ph.D.

Assistant Research and Teaching Professor

Research interests: Science ethics, the history of science



Carla Sharp, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Director of the Developmental Psychopathology Laboratory

Research interests: Developmental psychopathology, social cognition, reward

processing and emotional processing, measure development of diagnostic tools


Lynne Steinberg, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Social Psychology

Research interests: applications of the psychometric methods of item response theory to personality

and social psychological measurement issues, processes underlying responses to self-report questions,

context effects in personality measurement, development and validation of new instruments for

personality, social, and clinical research



Jennifer L. Tackett, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Director of the Personality Across Development Laboratory

Research interests: Personality characteristics in early life and their influence on behavioral




Ricardo Vilalta, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Director of the Pattern Analysis Laboratory

Research interests: Machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, artificial

intelligence, and AstroInformatics

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