Biosketches and Other Support Templates and Examples

National Institutes of Health (NIH)


All senior/key personnel and other significant contributors must include biosketches. Biosketches are required in both competing applications and progress reports. Figures, tables (other than those included in the provided format pages), or graphics are not allowed in the biosketch. Do not embed or attach files (e.g. video, graphics, sound, data). The biosketch may not exceed five pages per person. 

NIH Biosketch Instructions and Formatting

NIH Biosketch Template

NIH Biosketch Example

Current and Pending Support

Note: the terms “current and pending support,” “other support,” and “active and pending support” are used interchangeably.

Information on Current and Pending Support is required for all applications that are to receive grant awards, except Program Directors, training faculty and other individuals involved in the oversight of training grants. Other Support includes all financial resources; however, training awards, prizes, or gifts do not need to be included. 
There is no “form page” for reporting Current and Pending Support. Information collected should include: Project number, Contact Principal Investigator, source of support, title of project/subproject, dates of approved/proposed project and person months.

NIH Current and Pending Instructions and Formatting

NIH Current and Pending Template

NIH Current and Pending Example

National Science Foundation (NSF)


A biosketch is required for each individual identified as senior personnel. You may elect to use third-party solutions, such as NIH’s SciENcv; however, you are still responsible for ensuring that biographical sketches created using third-party solutions are compliant with NSF proposal preparation requirements. Each NSF biosketch is limited to two pages.

NSF Biosketch Instructions and Formatting

NSF Biosketch Example

Current and Pending Support

NSF Current and Pending Template

Collaborators and Other Affiliations

Information regarding collaborators and other affiliations (COA) must be separately provided for each individual identified as senior project personnel. The COA information must be provided through use of the COA template attached below.

NSF Collaborators and Other Affiliations Template and Instructions

Institute of Education Sciences (IES)


Provide a biographical sketch for the Principal Investigator, each co-Principal Investigator, and other key personnel. Each sketch should include information sufficient to demonstrate that key personnel possess training and expertise commensurate with their specified duties on the proposed project (e.g., publications, grants, and relevant research experience). If you’d like, you may also include biographical sketches for consultants (you may have up to 40 biographical sketches in total).

It is recommended that each Biographical Sketch be no more than five pages, which includes Current and Pending Support. 

Current and Pending Support

Provide a list of current and pending grants for the Principal Investigator, each co-Principal Investigator, and other key personnel, along with the proportion of his/her time, expressed as percent effort over a 12-month calendar year, allocated to each project.

You may use either SciENcv to create the current and pending support or you may use your own format to provide this information in a separate table (see the link below). 

IES Current and Pending Template