Transmittal Information

How to determine whether a transmittal form is needed:

When a statement of work and estimated budget amount is provided to an external sponsor in exchange for a contract and/or sum of money to fund sponsored projects, regardless of whether the proposal:

  • is a formal or informal submission
  • is in response to an official posting or request by the sponsor
  • is submitted as an unsolicited request for funding
  • is in response to an official posting or request by the sponsor
  • is signed by a university authorized representative or not
  • includes indirect costs or not
  • requires compliance approval(s) or not
  • Awards transferred from other entities to UH are treated as new proposals and require a transmittal form. This includes most Salary Reimbursement Agreements.
  • A transmittal can be created by any individual with RD2K access; this includes faculty, department/college business admins, college RAs, and all OCG staff.

A transmittal may be pending (on-hold/delayed in) approval, if:

the PI has not yet started his/her appointment at UH – we create POI accounts for PIs who have not officially started yet; they can get CougarNet credentials, PS Grant access, etc. so they can approve these

  • waiver or reduction in IDC is requested
  • cost sharing is proposed
  • the proposal was submitted without proper UH authorized signatures/OGC review and approval
  • chair/dean does not approve of credit splits
  • compliance requirements are unclear

A transmittal form is typically not needed nor required for:

  • the creation of a child account, which does not deviate from the original credit split
  • non-competitive continuation funding provided for an existing UH award
  • additional funding received without a supplement/other submission to the sponsor, but which was not requested in the original submission
  • internal funding such as Small Grants, GEAR, etc.