Now is the Time to Study Impact of Pandemic on Mothers and Babies

In a new study, Amanda Venta, associate professor of psychology, urges more support for expectant moms who are socially isolated and under stress during natural disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

If past natural disasters have taught us anything about their effects on pregnant women and developing babies, it is to pay close attention, for the added stress will surely have an impact on them. Amanda Venta, associate professor of psychology at the University of Houston, is sounding that alarm as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic in a newly released study published in Child Psychiatry & Human Development

“There is strong evidence to suggest that the coronavirus pandemic will affect mothers and infants through immune pathways that, in previous research, have been shown to link stress and social isolation during the pre- and post-natal periods with deficits in maternal mental health and infant well-being and development across developmental stages,” reports Venta.  

Research is clear about the link between the mind and body and maternal stress having toxic inflammatory effects on both mothers and infants. 

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