Tackling Public Health Issues…Dr. Dan Price Featured in Houston Chronicle

Students enrolled in the UH Honors College can now earn a community health worker certification through a unique program that reaches into the city’s most underserved communities. The program includes both UH students and people from the community learning in the same space. This helps connect people to available services, show compassion and understanding, and translate doctors’ orders so the sick can get healthier. Dr. Price is quoted as saying: “the largest problem acing public help is a lack of engagement, of seeing the underserved communities not as merely recipients but as equal partners.” Adding a mixture of backgrounds to these classes adds a new degree to the learning. Dr. Price even posited that he learns more from his classes than they learn from him. Having this mixture allows for people in the class to bring their own experiences and expertise to the table.

This is a great program that is doing immeasurable good for the community and for the students at UH. We hope that Dr. Price continues this type of innovation and creative thinking to make our community a better place!

Read the Chronicle article HERE

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