Dr. Jack Fletcher Receives 2017 Esther Farfel Award

The Esther Fearful Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a University of Houston faculty member, and that distinction has now been placed on Dr. Jack Fletcher.

Dr. David Francis, Director of TIMES, spoke to the reasoning for Dr. Fletcher receiving the honor, saying “his productivity as a scholar alone makes him most deserving of this award.”  Dr. Francis, who wrote the nominating letter, is also one of Dr. Fletcher’s close research collaborators.  

Dr. Fletcher has written over 100 chapters, authored three books, and has been cited thousands of times.  His grant for the Learning Disability Research Center involves genetic, neuroimaging, neuropsychological factors and learning in children with spina bifida and math disabilities.  His efforts have produced significant advancement and has helped to guide policy changes for the Disability Education Act.

Dr. Fletcher is known for his strong vision and is guiding the University of Houston’s Department of Psychology toward the number 1 ranking in the United States.  He is a mentor to younger faculty and his accomplishments can be seen worldwide.

We congratulate Dr. Fletcher on this well deserved award and look forward to his continued contributions to TIMES, the University of Houston, and to the study of Psychology.

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