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Two Genes Regulate Social Dominance

Rank in social hierarchy is a condition not solely claimed by humans. Beau Alward, assistant professor of psychology with a joint appointment in biology and biochemistry, used the Nobel Prize winning method of gene editing to discover that two paralogous androgen receptor genes control social status in African cichlid fish.

Scholar Plot: Measuring Faculty Academic Performance

University of Houston computer science professor Ioannis Pavlidis’ Computational Physiology Lab led the creation of a user-friendly, online interface to evaluate aspects of faculty research performance. The interface, named Scholar Plot, has garnered the...

Dr. Pavlidis head shot

Stress-free Training May Enhance Surgical Skill

University of Houston and Methodist Hospital researchers are reporting in Nature Scientific Reports that the best way to train surgeons is to remove the stress of residency programs and make surgery a hobby. Under...

Dr. Dan Price

Community Health Workers Initiative Receives Shelby Hodge Vision Award

The Honors College’s Community Health Worker (CHW) initiative, directed by Dan Price, has received a 2018 Shelby Hodge Vision Award from the AIDS Foundation Houston (AFH). The annual recognition honors groundbreaking outreach work in communities...

Musa Ozturk, a UH graduate student, stands in front of the award-winning poster with Jianping Wu, senior principal scientist at Medtronic and co-author of the study.

UH Student’s Poster Places At Neuromodulation Symposium

Musa Ozturk, a Ph.D. student in biomedical engineering at the UH Cullen College of Engineering, presented a poster at the Neuromodulation Symposium at the University of Minnesota and won second place out of 120 presentations. The...